Trends to follow in Podcast world

Top Trends to follow in Podcast world in 2022

The engagement of online content has risen significantly in the past few years, after the beginning of the pandemic. Many social media platforms and community forums have seen an enormous amount of activity and an increase in posts. Video content, especially video shorts, have particularly become relatively famous. People are using it for entertainment, infotainment, and marketing purposes. A survey reveals that more than 70% of the businesses used short-form videos for online marketing strategies in 2021.

The pandemic is almost over, and the usual routine of life has once again resumed; people, however, still go online to watch, read, and listen to their accustomed content. They usually get some time during commutes and travels. It is hectic to hold a handheld for videos while in transport. Additionally, due to reasons like boredom from the video content, mobility ease, bandwidth conservation, and other factors, podcasts have gained significant popularity among the masses.
People prefer podcasts for their cost-to-value efficiency, particularly for marketing purposes.

Bernard Kelvin Clive, a famous author and digital marketing expert, describes this significance of podcasts as:
“Podcasting has become one of the fastest and trusted tools/channels for building and promoting brands.”

An artificial intelligence (AI) system indicates that podcast listeners make up greater than 20 percent of the online users. If you make podcasts and are interested in improving your podcasts in 2022, then here are three ways you can enhance your podcasts.

Quality of Audio

The fundamental aspect of a podcast is its audio. People will move to other podcasts if your voice is unclear, dim, noisy, or disrupting. So, if you are podcasting, then an ideal audio setup is necessary.

Learn Editing Software

Having complementary skills in your domain is always helpful. In podcasting, grip on editing software lets you refine voices in your recordings, hence boosting the overall quality of your podcasts. Everyone desires to listen to a clear voice and no background noise.

Promote Podcasts

Indeed, people are automatically and spontaneously driven to listen to your podcast because of its content, niche, and quality. However, marketing and online promotion open up new possibilities for reaching further audiences and building your audience of followers. Promotion via social media and community forum posts is definitely a cost-efficient and long-term strategy.

We believe that you are very intrigued by podcasts. If you are a content creator or a marketer, you would certainly want to include podcasts in your content schedule to connect with your audience more effectively. This article is a must-read if you wish to learn the reasons behind why podcasts have become so famous and the insights we obtain from them.

Adam Carolla, the Guinness World Record holder for the “most downloaded podcast” category expresses his preference for podcasts as:
“I like the freedom of podcasting. With podcasting you can really mess around with the form and the format. You can do as much time as you like without having to pause for commercials.”

Now that you fully understand the worth of podcasts as a category of online content, let us share the top trends to follow for podcasts in 2022.

Social Platforms’ Live Podcast

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media discover new ways to stay ahead in the race of popularity and visitors’ engagement. Lately, they are including options for audio as well. Twitter started this trend last year, named Spaces, to allow live discussions. Similarly, Facebook is launching Soundbites for small-length audio content. This live audio feature will skyrocket in creating the latest sensation, like the trend that was caused by short-videos platforms.

Podcasts and Marketing

One of the critical factors of a podcast is its speaker. The host and listeners are more intimate than in video content. It provides a unique opportunity for the speakers to influence their audience about a product, service, or brand. This connection and effect boost when the speaker is a celebrity. A survey reveals that podcasts grow the purchase of products by roughly 50%. This percentage is an outstanding prospect when paired with the fact that podcasts offer highly cost-effective production and provide an excellent cost-to-value ratio for digital marketers to promote their products and services.

News and Sports

News is generally considered a genre for newspapers and televisions. However, the recent creative trends in podcasts involving dramas, tutorials, dialogues & discussions, cooking recipes, and whatnot now also include news. A majority of the worldwide population is eager to know what is happening in their country and other countries of the world. This sum is matched by sports enthusiasts who want frequent updates during sports events and tournaments. While driving or traveling, the most convenient method to listen to news and updates is via podcasts. Several such platforms are forming, like BBC Global News Podcast in the news genre. Likewise, there are diverse and innovative podcasts in the sports category – from Sports Wars to Fantasy Focus.


There is no second opinion to the fact that podcasts are in full swing nowadays. People are interested in them, and creators, promoters, and marketers have got a perfect new platform to offer their content in more than ever creative and innovative approaches. Several easily understandable reasons are behind why podcasts have become so famous. There are numerous categories of podcasts, and they have set some appealing trends for the masses who love to consume online content. Being able to listen to their favorite celebrities and getting news and sports updates on the go makes podcasts that much more desirable to people.

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