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This SEO strategy list can boost your Search Engine Ranking in 2022

Nowadays, all businesses prefer the online presence of their brand. Companies ranging from start-ups to multinational enterprises ensure that they are prominently visible on several search engines. For this, they hire SEO analysts and experts to boost their search engine ranking to overcome their rival’s competitors in search query results. If you wish your product or service to be ubiquitous over the internet and create a buzz on social media, this is just the blog article for you to understand SEO’s different types and strategies. Zex Solutions has a list of sophisticated SEO strategy tips, and today we will help you increase your internet presence.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process method of improving a website, its content, and other media to enhance its prominence on the internet over different search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, and Yandex.

If you wish to further understand and clarify Search Engine Optimization in detail, then head over to this article by Zex Solutions.

Types of SEO

SEO is divided into categories based on its domain of work. Each class has its own rank in the overall positioning of the website on search engines. These are some of the significant types of Search Engine Optimization:

On-Page SEO

On-page Search Engine Optimization includes updating the web pages and their navigation links. It is concerned with improving the quality of content, images, links, and other media on pages of a website.

Off-Page SEO

This one is all about backlinking and social media visibility. It also consists of getting genuine business reviews from customers and clients. Featured articles about your brand on popular websites are also a part of off-page SEO.

Technical SEO

It involves the technical aspects of SEO which assists search engines to crawl webpages with ease. Some tactics in this type of Search Engine Optimization:

Improving Website Speed

Sitemap of Website

Digital Certificates for Website

Fixing Broken Links

Responsive and Mobile-friendly UI

Local SEO

The type of SEO focused on ranking a website or brand concerning a specific geographical region. Main tasks in local Search Engine Optimization include providing contact details, addresses, verified social media accounts, et cetera.

Global SEO

Global SEO targets visitors from all over the globe, comprising diverse demographics, countries, regions, and continents. The critical component of this Search Engine Optimization starts by making a website allowing text in multiple languages.

You may be wondering why we are sharing basic concepts and terminologies about SEO in an article about its strategies, right? Do not worry; we are just coming to that, but it is better if you first fully comprehend its various terms. It will help you grasp different Search Engine Optimization strategies, which will explain shortly.

Need for SEO in 2022

Google is the largest search engine being used by people all over the globe. It has been pointed out that UI and UX now matter for getting a good SERP (search engine result position). Many factors have come into play, including but not limited to mobile-friendly and responsive design, legibility, ease of accessibility, and facilities for disabled people. Readability means that the text should be available in different languages or avoid colloquialisms, jargon, et cetera. On the other hand, facilities for the disabled are features that should be available on a website: alternate text for media, meta descriptions, and titles, feasibility for screen reader programs, and sitemap. There are Accessibility Acts in America and Europe for this purpose.

The world’s way has altered since the Covid-19 pandemic, and so has the internet. Our online business practices, digital marketing, e-commerce, and online shopping have reformed. There is substantial competition among local businesses. To supersede the online presence of your business, Local SEO is the answer.

Trends of SEO in 2022

The single most hyped and discussed SEO parameter for 2022 is user intent. It will take roots and become an integral part of Search Engine Optimization techniques. Google updates its algorithms to identify the true purpose of a user’s search by introducing MUM (Multitask Unified Model).

The trend of video content is also rising due to the pandemic. It rose to much popularity in 2021 and will continue to do so in 2022. It is observed that video content increases an average user’s time spent on a website. With vertical videos becoming quite prevalent like YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and other social platforms following in these footsteps, even the e-commerce business owners and digital marketing experts and managers are adopting this for their work.

Python programming language is being adopted worldwide today because of its more manageable learning curve and English-like syntax. SEO experts employ Python scripts to automate their technical stuff for various tasks like content issues and broken links. This is further reinforced via NLP (Natural Language Processing), and Deep Learning approaches. Google’s MUM is based on these two. Similarly, deep models are learning keyword relationships and generating state-of-the-art content. Google and Apple have patented their artificially intelligent tools, which process device information and data for a better user experience.

List of SEO Strategy

Finest Content Quality

The foundation of good SEO originates from creating engaging content. A high quality, SEO-friendly content quickly ranks up in search results of search engines. It is an automatic way of generating organic traffic to your website.

To guarantee that your content is of peak quality, try to avoid using colloquialisms and jargon wherever possible. By doing this, visitors with a non-English background will also digest your content. In addition, try to use software tools, for instance, Grammarly, to confirm that your content is word-rich, grammatically error-free, and correctly punctuated.

You must ensure that your content is informational. Make sure that your content follows the intended purpose and is going in the right direction.

User Experience

There are several ranking factors that search engines use to measure the user experience on your website:



Pages Visited

Bounce Rate

Other than these primary points, there are things you can do to provide an admirable user experience to your visitors:

Optimize web pages to load faster.

Make navigation easy on your website.

Make your website responsive and mobile-friendly.

Get digital certificates for your website.

By constantly updating the content, including media – images, videos, et cetera, and the meta information of your website, you can drive more traffic to your web pages for longer durations of time.

Link Building

The status of backlinks in ranking a website cannot be overstated. Building links is the backbone for the SEO of any website. Links to your website from famous domains show your credibility and authenticity. It definitely brings more visitors and creates new subscribers, readers, and viewers of your content.

Repurpose Content

A pioneering approach to keeping your content refreshed and your website up to date is repurposing articles. It takes less effort than writing new articles and blog posts. It also helps in link building your web pages with well-known websites. You can achieve this in the following ways:

Convert your blog articles into video format and upload them on YouTube.

Invite different writers from other websites to write content on your website.

Write guest articles for other websites by repurposing your old pieces.

Modify your old parts with new statistics, facts, information, and media.

Create infographics posts from your blog articles to summarize them.

Page Loading Speed

The page loading speed of your web pages directly contributes to the user experience of your content viewers, which is a leading factor search engines use to rank your websites. A slow website will frustrate the users, and they will eventually shift to some other website. You can raise the speed of your website by using different online analysis tools to determine the obstacles in your website. You can improve the loading speed of your pages by optimizing images, videos, and other media in your content.


In this thorough blog article, we have shared information about Search Engine Optimization and its strategy for 2022 with you in detail. Digital trends have significantly shifted in the last two to three years. Innovative methods are being adopted globally. Python, Artificial Intelligence, NLP, and Deep Learning have provided novel approaches and automation solutions for effective SEO and quality content generation. New metrics for ranking websites and web pages have been brought to light. Google has updated its algorithm for monitoring and analyzing online content. Latest SEO tactics like repurposing articles, writing and inviting blog posts, and ensuring social media presence really boost your website’s ranking on search engines. This list of SEO strategies by Zex Solutions can benefit you in keeping up to date with new inclinations in the field and overcome your business competition by effectively bypassing your brand’s position in search engines.

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