How to Generate Quality Leads from LinkedIn in 2022?

How to Generate Quality Leads from LinkedIn in 2022?

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the largest social media platforms. 93% of marketers use Facebook, 78% use Instagram, and 72% use Twitter for digital marketing and lead generation. The mentioned stats showed the behavior of social media users. A decade ago, businesses used traditional marketing services to enhance the sales of their company. and Generate Quality Leads from LinkedInBut today, the business marketing domain has changed and will change further in the future. 

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a professional and executive social media platform. It is used chiefly to hire recruits and find jobs. It’s a central streaming platform for the online marketing of B2-B businesses.

You must be wondering if you have already covered Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms for your lead generation and social media marketing.

Why is there a need to join LinkedIn for the same person?

If you didn’t pay heed, LinkedIn is being used extensively nowadays.

LinkedIn is being used by 94% of B2B marketers. Further, 82% of marketers on LinkedIn reported that they succeeded on this platform the greatest more than other social media networks.

If you have B2B business ownership, you should start marketing on LinkedIn to level up your business’s reputation. and Generate Quality Leads from LinkedIn As LinkedIn is growing its market at a global level day by day, promoting your business and generating leads via LinkedIn could be the best strategy for you.

Lead generation means the initiated process of acquiring the interest of future customers by getting their contact information or demographic information about their interests. 

Lead generation using LinkedIn could be one of the most effective sources to achieve maximum conversions. Actually, lead generation from LinkedIn will build a trustable and worthy customer base for your brand. 

Advantages of Lead Generation from LinkedIn

There are various advantages of generating quality leads from LinkedIn. Some of them are as follows:

  • LinkedIn will help you to find a dedicated customer base. It makes it easier to get the target audience by using many factors, i.e. professional, skill, job experience, education etc.
  • It provides outstanding and phenomenal outcomes of company targeting.
  • and Generate Quality Leads from LinkedIn It will set up and build audience chunks based on your list of companies and corporations.
  • LinkedIn uses a sales navigator to manage the sales funnel effectively. It will generate credible and qualitative leads that will enhance the proficiency of your business. 
  • LinkedIn uses Showcase Pages to promote your products to a wide range of your prospective audience. Show Case Pages are the add-ons to your main page. 
  • People consider LinkedIn as the most authentic platform. According to research, LinkedIn has been 277% more effective in generating quality leads than other social media platforms.

8 Key Strategies to Generate Quality Leads from LinkedIn in 2022

LinkedIn is like a Facebook platform for B2B businesses. A successful lead generation from LinkedIn is a dream for business marketers and managers. and Generate Quality Leads from LinkedIn As a starter, it is a bit tricky to define your marketing and sales goals. Below are some basic guidelines to attain quality leads from LinkedIn.

1. Well-build Executive Profiles on LinkedIn

According to Peter Drucker,

“An effective executive builds on strengths- their own strengths, the strengths of their superiors, colleagues, subordinates, and on the strength of a situation.”

Executives are the essence of a company. Their social presence on LinkedIn is crucial for attracting potential reach towards your business. When starting on LinkedIn, consider and optimize the personal profiles of your company’s executives. 

2. Target Relevant Audience

LinkedIn helps you to target a vast prospective audience who has a business mentality. LinkedIn uses different tools to target the right audience, who is more likely to perform CTA to your leads, prevent hyper-targeting, create a plethora of ad campaigns, retarget audiences, and many more.

3. Assess your Lead Values

According to LinkedIn itself, assessing and understanding the quality of your audience is crucial for generating quality leads in the present as well as in the future. Capturing a broad audience doesn’t always guarantee quality leads. and Generate Quality Leads from LinkedIn LinkedIn offers to attract a specific audience, only those likely to make conversions.

To understand the authenticity of leads, LinkedIn offers a tracking tool known as Conversion Tracking. and Generate Quality Leads from LinkedIn It helps you to assess the information about the metrics of conversions, attribution features, and deeper insights into your audience. 

4. Optimize your Business Profile

It is a basic and uncomplicated attribute in digital marketing, but it is a game-changer in attracting more leads and maximizing your reach on LinkedIn. and Generate Quality Leads from LinkedIn Profile optimization is necessary for all segments of digital marketing. and Generate Quality Leads from LinkedIn When a visitor visits, your professional presence of profile helps them to decide between staying or leaving.

Your profile should have:

  • A brief and comprehensive description of your business 
  • Your contact information 
  • Other social media credentials
  • Your business’s logo as your profile picture
  • State your vision and mission in the background picture of your LinkedIn profile

See the example of Zex Solutions’ LinkedIn Profile as follows:

5. Consider more Follow-ups of Previous Leads

There is a concept about lead generation being a game of numbers. If you target sufficient people, it will result in a sale eventually. 

That’s not entirely true!

The quality of generated leads is as important as the number of leads. The most common criterion is to initiate leads, collect them, start contact, and repeat for another chunk of the audience. and Generate Quality Leads from LinkedInThere is generally no consideration of follow-ups.

The follow-up is necessary to increase sales, especially on social media platforms. According to an analysis, 80% of sales on lead generation have the requirement of at least 5 follow-ups

These retargeting strategies help you to improve and maximize sales for your business. In B2B business promotion, retargeting is a critical tool for building an environment of trust and reliability between the customer and the seller.

6. Use of Automation Strategies

Some stats show that businesses that use automation strategies observed a 145% increase in quality leads. It would help if you used automation strategies to optimize and enhance your human connections on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn uses automation messaging tools, personalized emails, follow-up notifications etc., and Generate Quality Leads from LinkedIn

These approaches significantly affect your online marketing and other networking actions on LinkedIn.

There are several benefits of using automation tools on LinkedIn:

  • Time-saving
  • Improves reach
  • Develop an outreached strategy
  • Give indispensable analytics

7. Utilization of LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads

If you want to generate quality leads, you need to capture the right audience. You need LinkedIn ads to seek their attention.

Mostly, small-scale business owners get confused about whether to spend money.and Generate Quality Leads from LinkedIn As LinkedIn is a comprehensive platform for B2-B businesses and their promotion in organic and inorganic spheres, the money spent here will be worth it. 

Usually, ads on LinkedIn lead towards the targeted and quality audience that is more likely to convert in the longer run.

8. Update Content Properly

Content posting is necessary for business promotions on all social media networks. Relevant and quality content sharing will attract more fish to the net.

Further, posting user-generated content and sponsored content will help you to maximize your reach, not only in numbers but also in quality. Also, you need to update your content at optimal times to increase your quality leads.

Wrap Up

By coupling the above strategies along with other marketing strategies, you can generate quality leads for your business.and Generate Quality Leads from LinkedIn Further, LinkedIn-optimized leads will enhance your digital presence in the online world.


What strategies should I use to generate leads?

It would help if you used the above strategies to generate quality leads. If you don’t know where to start, you can hire a consultant, social media manager, or marketing agency. 

If you want help, Zex Solutions’ team will be glad to help optimize your LinkedIn business. Please click here to visit our website to learn more about our services.

How can I generate leads fast?

There is no shortcut to success. Quality lead generation doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience, stamina, and consistency.

We are not saying that it will take a long time for your lead generation process. But with hard work coupled with smart work, you can get the maximum quality lead in minimum time.

How can I generate leads using Facebook?

Please, refer to our article: How to Generate Quality Leads from Facebook in 2022?

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