How To Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

How To Grow Your Instagram Account Organically?

Online shopping is the new hobby of today’s generation; Instagram is one of the massive social media platforms that serve this purpose. It’s a hub of various content creators, startups, brands, and other subjects. As Instagram is the most used platform for marketing and promoting the products or services of any brand or organization respectively, it is the ideal choice for most retailers. 80% of Instagram users, according to a study, follow at least one brand.

When someone is new to any social media platform, they often do not know how they grow their account and how they engage more viewers and get to the top? It can be done by following two methods: inorganic Growth and Organic Growth. To get on the top in the enormous crowd of Instagram, consistency, engagement, and relevancy in your posts are the key. Furthermore, tackling the interest of your relevant audience will also help you make quality content and put diversity in it.

What is Organic Growth of the Account?

Organic Growth is preferable not only on Instagram but also on any other social media platform because it is long-lasting, reliable, and stable in the long run. To understand the strategies of organic Growth, first, we need to understand its core concept. Organic Growth is a strategy to increase your viewers, customers, or followers without spending money on promotions and ads.

This can be done by following various strategies and acquiring some soft skills. As it is done by building trust with the followers, the Growth of your account will not be static. The trustable followers will promote your account and recommend your services and products in their surroundings.

But there is also a catch of Organic Growth, but it won’t affect the reliability and credibility of this method. One of the drawbacks is that it is gradual Growth and not a rapid one. This makes it time-consuming and requires more hard work.

However, the pros of organic Growth outweigh its disadvantages. The advantages comprise the inline Growth of your company with your visionary goals. Moreover, it provides more control over the objectives and goals of your company.

Strategies to Follow for Organic Growth of Your Instagram Account

Marketing Strategies and other tactics play a significant role in developing any brand, website, or other initiatives. Identifying goals, producing quality content, having a grip on knowledge of the competitors in the market, and promoting cross-platform exposure help build a vast number of trustworthy and genuine followers for your account at the end of the day. To achieve the maximum Growth organically, you need to follow the strategies that are mentioned below:

1. Production of Engaging Content is the Key

Producing high-quality and engaging content is the key to growing your Instagram organically. It catches the viewer’s eyes in no time. To advance the growth of your Instagram, consistent posting of engaging content is mandatory because people love to leave their opinions and feedback.

As the quality of your content increases, more people will be attracted to your account. This will help them get awareness about your budget and what audience to engage more. Eventually, it will help promote your Instagram.

2. Posting at Optimal Times

Making a schedule of posts ahead will help create a timetable and understand the optimal times for posting. With the help of Instagram insights, you can find the times when the users are more active. The optimal times of the day, week, or month can be viewed by making a graph so that, in the future, you can efficiently engage more public.

Furthermore, posting at optimal times will also help others discover your Instagram. Hence, posting at optimal times will increase the audience and ultimately increase the Growth of your account.

3. Have a Considerate Knowledge about Competitors in Market

Whatever the content you are posting or whatever is your brand or organization, doing research on the competitors is crucial for analyzing your position in the market. To promote your business on Instagram, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many companies are there who promote the same product?
  • Is there any account that is providing better content than you?
  • How often do your competitors post throughout the day, week, or month?
  • How can you increase the quality of your content by making it better than your competitors?
  • What makes your service different from your competitors?

Making a list of your competitors will provide you with better insight into your goals and clear the confusion of dos and don’ts in your progress journey.

4. Production of Quality and Diverse Content

As Instagram is more active than other social media platforms, it will require more effort to make yourself unique and different. Using different media mediums will help improve the quality of your content, and the various means of sharing attract more viewers in a brief period. The other mediums of Instagram that can make your account the center of attraction are listed below:

  • Using appropriate hashtags
  • Going live to share thoughts and feelings
  • Using IGTV for promotional purposes

Additionally, introducing giveaways and giving shout-outs to the influencers will also help improve the growth of your Instagram account.

5. Cross-Platform Promotion

The promotion of cross-platforms is another effective way to promote the organic growth of your Instagram account. Creating different social media accounts on other platforms, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, etc., aid in efficiently promoting your vision.

A diverse audience will be attracted to your business and eventually promote your Instagram and other social media accounts. This will strongly impact the position and credibility of your account positively.

Key Takeaways

  • To grow your Instagram organically, you will be patient, consistent, and hard-working, as it requires time and effort.
  • The Growth will be stable and long-lasting without spending a lot of money on ads and promotions.
  • Different strategies like cross-platform promotion, engaging content with the audience, finding optimal times to post, using other mediums for content generation, and having an adequate about your competitors in the market will help you grow your Instagram.

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