How to Grow Your Facebook Page Organically

How to Grow Your Facebook Page Organically?

Facebook is the largest social media platform with the maximum number of users nowadays. In late 2021, the number of daily users reached about 1.93 billion.
Many marketers and influencers use Facebook pages to promote their companies and compelling content. Facebook provides space for online businesses to grow in the market.
Facebook is the home to a versatile audience that may find your Facebook page interesting and align their interest with yours.
Engaging viewers in today’s digital world is one of the most complex tasks. If they don’t find something up to their mark, there is almost no chance of getting your page on the top.
Facebook reach can be attracted to your page by using different strategies and formats of digital content on your page. It can be done in two ways:

  • Through organic growth, i.e., unpaid means
  • Through paid means, i.e., inorganic growth

What is Organic and Inorganic Growth Anyways?

Inorganic growth or marketing involves promotion by paying for ads to different digital platforms that attract viewers and customers by randomly showing them the respective advertisements. For example, if you search and inquire about the best books on Google.
The paid ads of book-selling agencies will be shown on your social media as the digital market follows a particular algorithm to run paid ads.
In contrast, organic growth means growing the company without any paid promotions and ads to increase the internal development of your website, brand, and page on all social media networks.
To produce an online presence with strategies and without paying boosters is the organic growth, making an effort worthwhile and long-lasting. Both approaches have their pros and cons, and they should be considered when you look up to these strategies.
Marketers use different strategies to promote and upgrade the Facebook page of their brand. So that they can overcome the lag they are facing in their offline businesses by engaging people as much as they can.
This goal can be obtained by using a variety of media and other formats of advertising, posting quality content with consistency at optimal times, and involving cross-platform advertising and third-party influencers.
For Facebook, growing a page means how much Facebook reach that a page can attract. The higher the Facebook reach, the stronger will be the influence of your Facebook Page. Quality and engaging content, posted with consistency, makes your page worth looking at, and as the viewer begins to scroll down more, there is a high chance that they will follow you for future posts.

How can Facebook Optimize Your Business?

If you are starting a new business, having a Facebook page for marketing can add value to your brand. It can optimize your Facebook page as follows:

  • Attracts customers from diverse backgrounds
  • Facebook marketing can make aware people of your brand
  • Develops a good impression of your brand in the social media sphere
  • Engages your customers better to boost the economy
  • Not only to add value for your brand but also as a hub to hire professionals to manage your brand
  • Expansion of business to the remote areas as well
  • Can have accessible and authentic reviews about your brand
  • Accessible and reachable customer support through Facebook makes them trust your service

Strategies to Follow to Grow your Facebook Organically

Following is the list of some strategies that can boost your Facebook pages growth if appropriately implemented:

  • Posting of Quality Content to Attract Maximum Facebook Reach

Usually, the question arises if the engaging audience is necessary for page growth or if quality content is. The answer is both are essential for the development of your page. But if you cannot provide quality content, you will be at a disadvantage.
Quality content with solid logic and evidence influences the target audience, and they may prefer your page more than others. Sharing inspirational and relevant quotes will also maximize the chances of sharing your page more often.
Furthermore, endorsing different visuals and info-graphics will also create a big difference in the vast competition of the online market.
Recently, a survey found that more than 60% of marketers find visual and eye-catching content essential for their marketing strategies. Astounding visuals will also give your page a competitive edge in the market.

  • Optimization of Posts using Different Formats

Posting stories about personal lives has become everyone’s habit in today’s era. Using various formats for your content will help to engage the public even more towards your page. Engaging viewers must be the topmost priority in your goals. This will also increase the sharing of your content, which is helpful to increase your Facebook reach, eventually increasing the organic growth of your face.
The following pointers will aid in the optimization of posts:

  • Using crafted, unique  and self-explanatory captions
  • Use external and internal links to solidify your claim
  • Engaging the public by asking questions and developing a poll
  • Using viral and relevant hash-tags
  • Using astounding and exceptional phrases
  • Going live
  • Posting behind the scenes (BTS)
  • Mixing up the formats, e.g., writing a short post along with the explainer in the video form
  • Using stories, photos, and videos to engage more profound interest

More than 3 million links are shared on Facebook hourly. Keep the above pointers in mind; your Facebook page will stand upright in the crowded digital market and ensure that user interaction is meaningful and blissful.

  • Be Consistent and Regular

Practice makes a man perfect. In terms of online marketing, consistency makes a page perfect. Not being consistent is one of the primary reasons for failing online businesses and newly created pages. After planning and developing outstanding visual and unique posts, consistent and regular posting is necessary for increasing your Facebook reach.
Consistency will also make your content visible more frequently in the newsfeed.

  • Find your Right Time for Posting

What if you post something on your page at midnight and your target audience is not active at that moment? Then how will your post get recognized? By the time they get active, your post will be long gone in the older posts.
That’s why recognizing optimal times for posting is vital for the sake of the growth of your Facebook page.
Facebook insights give information about when your targeted audience is active. This will serve as a guide to managing your posts at optimal times daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly. Best times for posting on Facebook also boost your content quality and attract Facebook reach.

  • Having Cross-Platform Accounts

Creating accounts on different social media platforms does not cost anything. But having these accounts will make a big difference in promoting your Facebook page.
Using Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, etc., for promoting and advertising your Facebook content will make the content more engaging. The traffic flow is different at each platform, and the response rate will also be different.
If there is no audience for your page on Facebook, Instagram may boost your page by shifting the traffic from Instagram to Facebook.
Similarly, some hash-tags may not work on Facebook, but they may get viral on Twitter. These are just some examples of using various platforms for promotional purposes.

  • Third-Party Engagement 

From beauty gurus to tech developers, social media is bursting with influencers. People follow these influencers for tips and tricks and search for the best products and services. They use different products and avail of various services from various brands and give feedback to them.
If your content quality is good and you provide exceptional products and services, you should consider engaging these influencers.
They can give your page a shout-out and positive feedback, promoting your page and elevating your business offline and online.

Wrap Up

Above mentioned strategies are just a few tips for boosting the growth of your Facebook page. You can achieve a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship with your Facebook reach by following them. This will automatically optimize your page’s organic growth.
Organic growth will not be fast and quick but slow and steady, unlike inorganic growth. As we always hear, slow and steady wins the race. Hence, organic is the slow growth, but the effort and wait will be worth it after attaining maximum success on this social media platform.


Q:How can I increase my Facebook page likes organic?

The earlier strategies explained how you could achieve maximum growth for your Facebook page. In summary, being consistent and maximizing the quality of your content, as mentioned above, will help you acquire top likes on your Facebook page.

Q:How can I make my Facebook page grow fast?

If you want to grow your Facebook page fast, we recommend you to check out our article: How to Grow Your Facebook Likes with Paid Facebook Ads.

Q:Is it necessary to be on Facebook to increase your customers?

As mentioned above, Facebook is the most prominent platform marketers use to promote their brands. Being on Facebook will increase your visibility and liability as a brand.
You can check out our website for different articles addressing the same concern.

Q:Which one is better for Facebook page promotion, the organic way or the inorganic way?

Both methods, when mixed, work significantly on the promotion of your Facebook Page. But they both have their merits and demerits. Tackle the challenges that arose from both methods makes your strategy unique. Please check out the following article for more insight: What New Brands Need To Know About SEO in 2022.

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