How to grow your Facebook likes

How to grow your Facebook likes with Paid Facebook ads

Facebook has become the pioneer for online advertisement and marketing on social networks. It has more than 2.7 billion user accounts and is considered an ideal platform for business and marketing.

With its famous tools like Ad Manager and ad customization, Facebook outstands its competitors by a considerable margin. Your business organization must have a social media presence, at least on the most popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Here are some incredible facts about why is that so:

  • 73% of companies verify that social media marketing significantly benefited their business.
  • There are more than 4 billion users online on various social media, 54% of whom engage with several products and services on social media markets.
  • Brands and companies connect with their followers and show their cause and support for various events. For instance, many corporations displayed Ukraine flag colors in their brand logo and social media posts.

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Before we head to the section on the recommended strategies to grow your Facebook likes with paid ads, let us paint the picture and describe why Facebook is undoubtedly vital for your business in 2022.

If you plan to grow your business via social media and build your online community of followers, then reaching out to your audience the right way is crucial.

There are several advantages that your business can benefit from only if you exist on social platforms. A few advantages are:

Global Followers:

Online social networks let you create a business account free of cost, and you can display and sell your product and services with no hidden charges or commission.

A social media profile gives you access to a worldwide audience, and you can keep your followers connected with timely updates and news.

Effective Engagement:

In simple words, the number of people going to your website is far less than the visibility you can accomplish on social media.

Additionally, social media, especially Facebook, boosts your website’s organic traffic, which ultimately expands the business opportunities and potential for new clients to generate tremendous revenues.

Credibility and Authenticity:

The details on your social media, including profile bio, about section, business information, contact, address, reviews, portfolio, and feedback from your clients, develop the credibility of your business. Nowadays, people come to social media to research products and explore comments and reviews to determine their authenticity.

There are several such advantages and strategies to organically grow your Facebook business account, which are discussed in this amazing article.

We recommend reading it carefully as the blog will help you significantly in 2022.

The legendary pioneer behind the swiftest revolution in the fields of Blockchain, AI & Robotics, and Customer Technology, Paul Barron, define the role of social media for the growth of his business as:

“I use social media as an idea generator, trend mapper and strategic compass for all of our online business ventures.” – Paul Barron

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You might be wondering why we are stressing the fact that Facebook is the best platform for growth; go through why Facebook ads are best for you, a brief article highlighting the significance of Facebook over other platforms.

Now you completely understand the worth of social media, particularly Facebook, in its role in the growth of your business.

It is a good practice to involve a combination of organic and paid strategies to boost your business profile on Facebook.

It is critical to timely develop your brand’s online presence with the support of paid marketing and promotions. Some benefits of paid ads for Facebook likes:

  • Highly Customizable
  • Demographics Targeting
  • Easy Setup
  • More Visibility
  • Engagement Growth

First of all, let us find out the ways in which you can set up your Facebook likes ads. Basically, there are two distinct methods:

  1. The first method involves using Ads Manager from your ad account.
  2. The second approach is by promotion from your Facebook pages.

You can understand the process in the article on two ways to create Facebook ads for likes. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive blog covering the topic with a visual guide manual, you must explore the methods to use Facebook likes ads to grow your business page.

Finally, there is also a guide from Meta about creating Facebook ads for likes. Two things are required to set up such ads:

  1. Facebook page
  2. Page role

The Facebook page is where your ads are directed, and likes are required. The second is your page role, which allows you permission to advertise.

It is actually an admin-level privilege that allows you full and complete access to your pages like ads control, content control, managing events, messages, and more.

You can study the official guide for creating Facebook likes ads here: Create Page likes ads

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