How to Generate Quality Leads from Facebook in 2022?

Social media serves not only as a platform for connecting people but also as a marketing tool to expand your Business in the online world.  More than half of the population in the world uses social media.  Facebook harbors almost 3 billion active users monthly. 

In this article, you will find the answers to your questions regarding Facebook Lead Generation. In the end, you will know:

  • What is Facebook lead generation?
  • What are its benefits?
  • What are the strategies helpful for lead generation from Facebook?
  • Why should you consider generating leads?
  • What is the relation between your lead generation and social presence?

What is Facebook Lead Generation?

As Facebook is the largest social media platform, it serves as an asset for the enlarging business portfolio in both physical and virtual worlds.  Facebook is an innovative and potential marketing apparatus for E-commerce.

The Facebook Lead Generation is the process that involves the strategies of inbound marketing to develop quality leads to target the right audience for your company. Marketers use both paid and free techniques to generate leads from Facebook. Certain companies also use different tools to achieve marketing goals.

But when you enter this stratum of marketing, it is tough to make a social presence on Facebook. It would be best if you made your strategies unique to acquire a competitive edge in the e-commerce market. You must keep in check optimizing and improving your professional social media account.

Lead Generation Process Includes

What is the Benefit of Generating Leads from Facebook?

Lead generation adds benefit in boosting the portfolio and reputation of your brand in the business market.  If you are an owner of a company that is B2C, you should consider developing new tactics to generate quality leads from Facebook.

Here are some benefits of Facebook Lead Generations:

  • Getting a hand on a diverse and massive audience on Facebook because Facebook has surpassed the other social media networks in terms of active users.
  • It will give you in-platform form submission.
  • It will give you auto-filled user data.
  • It will help you in data gathering of your customers without a landing page.
  • They are mobile-friendly by default; hence more audiences will get targeted.
  • It will abolish the circumstances that are reasons for the conversion friction. 
  • It optimizes your professional account.
  • It will help you to increase the reach of your page.
  • It will help to maximize the traffic flow on your website.

What are the Key Strategies to Generate Quality Leads from Facebook in 2022?

Lead generation is not everyone’s cup of tea.  But by following the below strategies, you can get your desired goals from a lead generation perspective.

1. Generate an Irresistible Lead Magnet

When you want to catch flies, you need honey for it. 

And for lead generation, your honey is Lead Magnet!

Lead magnets are one of the most hit sources in gathering leads from your customers. Lead magnets are defined as treasured and valuable resources that are free of cost. They include free eBooks, discounts, free-of-cost courses, free crash courses, off on first order, etc. 

People don’t tend to ignore the irresistible offers. For example, if you are handling the ‘Beauty and Skin Care’ industry, then the magnet lead could be “Subscribe to our Newsletter via your email and get a 5% discount on your order” or “Fill this form and get free goodies with ‘XYZ’ code in your next order.”

Following are some guidelines that can improve the performance of your lead magnet:

  • Make your lead magnet easy to download
  • Make several types of lead magnets to attract maximum leads
  • Ensure credible delivery of your offer via email

2. Post Relevant Articles and Content

How will you generate leads if you lack the audience for it?

Well, don’t panic!

Posting relevant articles and updates is the key to attracting a large number of followers. The greater the number of followers, the easier it will be to receive quality leads. If your content is in the interest of the audience, you wish to target. Then, they will likely like, follow, and even share your page. 

To enhance your social presence on Facebook, you need to make sure that your posts are more engaging, entertaining, interactive, and informative while resonating the content with your lead’s interests and needs.

Below are some tactics that can make your content more engaging:

  • Asking an open-ended question at the end of the article or post
  • Asking for feedback and entertaining both negative and positive feedback
  • Running a giveaway using the comment section
  • Sharing user-generated content
  • Posting funny content and behind the scenes 

3. Share Cross-Platform Content

To make your content and page more visible, share the content from your other social media accounts, e.g., Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, etc.

By sharing cross-platform content, you will serve a more significant chunk of the audience for your company.  It ultimately will result in the development of more leads. 

When your social presence increases, the number of followers also increases. Hence, developing a relationship of trust and loyalty between the consumers and providers. 

This relationship, then, will make it easier for the people to give in their contact information and authentic feedback for future developments.

Also, using the UGC of other influencers with permission boosts your social media presence. 

4. Make Videos for your Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

Your page can get as maximum leads as possible by forging an exceptional lead strategy. But it will require some time. You need to be consistent in attracting a vast audience to your page.

To combat the emerging rivals of Facebook, i.e., YouTube and Tik Tok, you need a strategy that involves visual content. 

Let me ask you a simple question; what will you choose for your content, an image or a text?

Obviously, you will opt for an image.  And what is better than an image?  A video! 

Hence, involving video ad campaigns in your lead strategy will double the attraction of the audience on your page, resulting in increasing the leads.

5. Optimize your Business Account

How would you generate leads if you lack the audience for it?

Above mentioned tactics are good for attracting a large number of people, but first, you need to optimize your business profile to make it presentable to your audience.

The must-haves to optimize your Business Facebook Account are:

  • A professional and clear description
  • A vanity URL
  • Contact information
  • Website link
  • Other social media pages’ link
  • CTA (Call-to-action) button that will also manage your lead magnet

Following is the snapshot of the Zex Solutions Business Facebook Page as an example:

6. Boosting of Organic Posts

Using a boosted post to attract leads is also a phenomenal idea. A boosted post means to show your post to your desired audience who matches perfectly with your demographics.

It is a paid strategy and requires some investment over time. But it will enhance the reach of your post and optimize your profile leading to more lead generation opportunities.

‘Boost a Post on Facebook’ feature will ask you to define your target audience and a specific post to boost. It will also ask if you want to attach your lead magnet.

For example, if your target audience is from the ‘Digital Media Marketing industry, then you have to specify the terms that resonate with the audience’s interest.  

Wrap Up

Although there are also some drawbacks of Facebook Lead Generation, its pros outweigh its cons. The bottom line is that lead generation, whether via paid or unpaid strategies, should always align with interest building and relationship building around the page, and valuable lead magnets. You must start with free tactics, and after that, you can invest money to grow your audience and circle of your followers.

Good luck with your Business!


Can I generate leads more effectively if I only use strategies that organically optimize my page?

To generate leads while booting your page organically, you need to invest your time and consistently manage your account. To know more about Facebook page optimization organically, Click here.

If you want to know about Facebook ads, click here.

How to get leads from Facebook groups?

Facebook groups are a potential and valuable tool to increase lead generation.  You can generate leads from Facebook groups by following the mentioned tips:

  • Make a private group
  • Design your group for a specific type of audience
  • Ask questions before approving requests
  • Share a link along with the post and offer free lead magnets

To learn more, refer here.

What are the examples of Lead Generation?

There are various types of lead generation, including limited-time offers, special discounts, future launches, free trials, carousel campaigns, etc.

You can read this article to boost your knowledge.

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